Season 2015: Week 17

Only a few weeks left of regular season curling action. Another great year to be sure.

  • Zimmerman – McLaughlin: Normally Zimmerman would be a decent bet, but attendance has been spotty and led to some atypical outcomes as of late. McLaughlin performed well last week and might be able to use that momentum to start a streak (in the positive direction). Tough to call but I see Zimmerman just barely squeaking one out.
  • Rokke – Lawrence: The veil has been lifted on Rokke (NR). It turns out that under all those red jackets and PG-13 tee shirts, they’re just a regular curling team. They’ll have their hands full with Lawrence this week and I think with some apparel embellishments in the form of fake sleeve ink, faux hair, or bedazzled athletic supporters, Lawrence can get the boost they need to make it happen.
  • McLellan – Dveris: McLellan almost did the league a favor last week, but couldn’t quite commit. We’ll see how that carries over to this week’s match-up. Dveris are neck-and-neck with them in the standings so I think we’l l see a pretty good game. Each will have a big end the winner will have to grind it out. I think Dveris has a slight edge.
  • Dubois – McGovern: Another highly anticipated showdown on sheet 4. Dubois has been scrapping to get into 3rd place and now they have their sights on 2nd. McGovern will continue with their new effort to use data mining to their advantage. This one will end in a whiskey fueled brawl for second best. McGovern uses the cloud to retain their spot.
  • Lichty – Jansen: Lots of really even match-ups this week. Both of these broken spirits are coming off of a loss last week so the good news is that one of them will experience a victory. Sadly, Jansen’s focus currently has veered towards more nontraditional frigid activities such as ice fishing and figure skating. If Lichty is capable, they can turn this to their favor and triple toe loop to a win.
  • Long – Anderson: A big thanks to Anderson for volunteering to mentor this week. Long has been around a while, but they still appreciate that big brother perspective from time to time. They’ll spend the first few ends getting reacquainted, and by the 7th it will all degrade to a sheet wide tickle fight. Anderson will regain their composure in the 8th to finish the deal.
  • Boomer – Lickteig: Good times will be had. Not sure by who, but someone.  Boomer brings the pain this week. Lickteig turns that pain to victory.
  • Rohde – Pylka: Jet-setting Pylka is back for another go, this time against well-grounded Rohde. Look for a number of 2 and 3 point ends with the deciding factor being the hammer in the 8th. This could really go either way, but I think Rohde can eek it out.

Chili next week! Chili next week.