Season 2015: Week 2

Is it Wednesday already? Isn’t it great how curling makes the weeks go by so much quicker than in the boring summertime?

Short on time today so we’ll make this quick.

  • McLellan – Rokke: I don’t trust Rokke yet
  • Lichty – Dubois: Lichty gets creepy points for hanging around the club last week
  • Zimmerman – Pylka: Pylka knows what time it is
  • Anderson – Dveris: Lay off! Anderson had a rough one
  • Lickteig – Lawrence: Creepy points for Lawrence too
  • Long – Jansen: Undefeated Jansen looks to double their wins
  • Moll – McGovern: What can I say, those McGovern boys are just the best
  • Hammes – McLaughlin: The Hammes girls really showed some drive last week. I said some

Good? Good. Now go away.