Season 2015: Week 3

Ready for week three? These folks are!!!!!!

  • Long – Rohde: Long has been slowly building their reputation and this week, their leggings will be put to the test. Stats show that Rohde plays 20% better against young teams, so their win will be 20% more victorious.
  • Lickteig – Dveris: Dveris has been really looking to find their center in the last few seasons and Li
  • Dubois – Lawrence: Word on the street is that Lawrence isn’t F-ing around this year. Dubois beware.
  • Lichty – Zimmerman:  As it turns out LIchty is F-ing around this year, so Zimmerman should have no problems walking over these bozos.
  • Boomer – Rokke: Turns out that Rokke isn’t Rokke after all, until they get a better name, I’ll just refer to them as “that team”. Boomer should beat that team.
  • Hammes – McGovern: Could Hammes eek out their first win? It is possible, McGovern members are bailing early and often this week citing “work” reasons. BS. The remaining core will persevere, accept whatever assey social drink Hammes provides, and then deliver an epic beatdown. Sorry girls, Metro fists see no gender.
  • Anderson – McLaughlin: The Anderson boys are still on the fence re: F-ing around. Tune in tonight at 8:30 to see how McLaughlin holds up. As it turns out, McLaughlin doesn’t take kindly to folks who F around. In the end, Anderson should make it rain.
  • Moll – Jansen: This matchup is turning into a legendary Metro rivalry. Moll needs to be on guard, one hug from Pete is all it takes to turn a Jansen love-in into a Moll blood bath.

Apologies for the late entry. Deal.