Season 2015: Week 4

Picks this week courtesy of the honorable Mr. Anderson. Many thanks. I’m on a bye, but I may just show up.

  • Hammes – Jansen: Employee/Employer relations don’t matter in this match-up. The Hammes’z are the best broom stackers in the league – meaning Jansen might be calling into work Thursday morning with “a sick kid” or “a really bad headache.” With at least 2 burned stones by the Jansen Rink – Hammes will use the 4th End Break to their advantage and sober-cab away with the W.
  • Moll – Rohde: Samuel Jackson would say something like “hold onto your butts” or “I’m sick and tired of these mother f*cking rocks in this mother f*cking house.” He would also say “Rohde by 2 – now go the f*ck to sleep.”
  • Lickteig – McLaughlin: The controversy between front-end and back-end continues for Lickteig this week. Take advantage while you can McLaughlin because once the pebble settles Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young won’t be calling it “our house.” Lickteig in the 8th – with the hammer – with a draw – to the 8 foot – heavily swept – will be the difference.
  • Long – Rokke: The Long Rink has certainly been bringing the Funk lately.  In Har Mar Superstar fashion the kids are gonna glide past Rokke not Rokke. Sorry Rokke not Rokke.
  • Lichty –McLellan: Lawyer up McLellan. Rusty Hardin’s got nothing on Litchy. However, this one will be a contest.
  • Boomer – Pylka: The Legion of Boomer is ready to bring the heat and shake off their slow start. Pylka – don’t be mad Bro – but you can already hear the clatter of the #5th man pounding on the glass from bar as the hammer comes to rest on the button.
  • Dubois – Zimmerman: Better get to the basement and start mixin’ up some medicine Zimmerman. Not unlike Celine Dion the Dubois Rink brings it every Wednesdaynight.  Dubois by 2 – because the Dion is fierce.
  • Dveris – Lawrence: Remember – the Lawrence rink may be old – but they are the enemy. Play with honor and dignity Dveris – and say nothing about incontinence.