Season 2015: Week 5

The first quarter of the season gets capped off this week and it looks like we have some classic match ups so get one hand free for this week’s picks.

  • Lickteig – McGovern: Over the years, a face off between the two handsomest teams in the league was always cause for celebration. Expect a magical night full of pageantry, drama, and the firmest of handshakes (wink). McGovern will bring the house down with play inspired by Kurt Rambis.
  • Anderson – Jansen: Another timeless epic. The Anderson/Jansen feud is more notable than than the Hatfields and McCoys. I expect at least one participant to be shot in the back over a glass of spilled whiskey. Somebody wake up the judge cause Anderson‘s breaking laws again.
  • Moll – Rokke: Rokke (not Rokke) is one of only two teams that have yet to lose this season. Moll has battled inner demons to maintain a respectable position in the standings. It would be in their best interest to win. As a journalist I consider myself impartial. Go Moll!
  • Dubois – McLellan: Grab a box of Kokanee and get a front row seat on sheet 4, Dubois is putting on a clinic, the dress code is business casual. Respect the game.
  • Hammes – Rohde: Yes, yes, we all want Hammes to win,we just don’t want to be the team they beat, is Rohde any different? Now that it’s November look for a holiday themed cordial during the 4th end social. I’m guessing some terrible pumpkin spice jello shot, or maybe a turkey sandwich dipped in gin. Things could get kooky this week.
  • Zimmerman – Lawrence: This could be the late game this week, possibly even an extra end. Lawrence would have a great advantage if they display their tattoos this week as clean-cut Zimmerman are easily derailed by ne’er-do-wells.
  • Long – Pylka: Look out Long, a blast from Crotty past (in the form of a sub) is about to bring a hint of face melting curling fury to your otherwise proper evening. Keep the leggings at home for this one, Pylka don’t take kindly to tight fitting clothes.
  • Lichty – Boomer: My stats aren’t totally up to date, but both of these rinks have yet to post a win on my board. That changes this week, someone has to win. In years past Lichty would have been an easy call against these clowns, but things are different now. Lichty no longer gets the benefit of the doubt and if Boomer can get their rocks across the hogline, they could very well win this one.

Let’s have a clean fight out there this week folks, we’ve all got spouses and kids to get home to, except the single and childless members, they have nothing. Lucky bastards.