Season 2015: Week 6

Is it Wednesday already? You guys want to hang out and talk about curling? Me too. Let’s jam.

  • McLaughlin – Lawrence: The Lawrence boys have been pretty quiet this season. Maybe McLaughlin can stir things up and get them agitated a bit. If you go by the numbers this will be a dead heat. I predict eight blank ends followed by a one rock ninth. Lawrence takes it by the narrowest of margins.
  • Dubois – Boomer: If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. That creedo has been carrying Dubois through many a season in the Metro league. The Boomer motto is slightly different and has been less effective: Run away!
  • Lichty – Long: The league’s little brothers will play their hearts out this week, and it really makes you want to see them win. Lichty, on the other hand, is like that all American older brother who is good at everything and has a nice car. Sure, they’ll beat you, but then they’ll make it all better by stopping at DQ on the way home.
  • Moll – Pylka: I think Moll is going to blast in strong on this one and catch Pylka off guard. They’ll scramble to catch up, but by the time the dust settles, Moll will be on their second craft beer at the Gnome.
  • Dveris – McGovern: God help us all.
  • Anderson – Rohde: I came up with a theme song for Anderson last week, just sing “Alison” by Elvis Costello using “Anderson” instead. It will get stuck in your head all night. I’m still working on a song for Rodhe, maybe “Every Rohd Has it’s Thorn”. Pick your favorite song and you’ve got yourself a winner.
  • Lickteig – Jansen: Both sides need to watch for funny stuff. This could seriously go either way, but I feel like Lickteig is out to reclaim some former glory. Nostalgia reigns.
  • Zimmerman – McLellan: Zimmerman has been breaking hearts again this season and McLellan is a sucker for a clean draw. Sure it will be fun for the first few ends, but a word of caution to Zimmerman, McLellan is a delicate beast, let them down easy.

You wanted picks? You got them. Who’s going to be around the day before Thanksgiving?