Season 2015: Week 7

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Our league has the distinct pleasure of having the last match at the club before the holiday every year and it always leads to a few missed connections, so please reach out to the opposition if your crew can’t make it this week.

  • Boomer – Dveris: I’d like to say that Boomer can score a win this week, but having just come off a touch and go match with Dveris, I’d say that things don’t look good. Dveris gets the drumstick this week.
  • McLellan – McLaughlin: One of two annual McBattles. Pour a good glass of scotch and enjoy the headbutting and kicking people when they’re on the ground. McLaughlin gets a heap of mashed potatoes.
  • Zimmerman – McGovern: This one will not happen this week but if it did, McGovern would totally pile on the stuffing.
  • Hammes – Lawrence: If this is happening, it will be the highlight of the night.Not only will it be like an awkward political discussion between inlaws, but the 4th end might actually showcase the fabled gravy shooters I’ve been hearing whispers about. Grab some white meat, plop down at the card table and enjoy a Hammes victory.
  • Moll – Anderson: These two are the guys that married sisters and have to see each other twice a year. Over the years, the interaction has become less forced, but if the booze runs out, the party is over. They’ll fight over the neck but since there’s only one, Anderson will plate it using a little misdirection.
  • Long – Lickteig: This match up is more like the oldest son hanging with the oops baby. A generation gap can be weird, but Lickteig makes it comfortable with stories of the old days when dad was more of a hard ass. A can-shaped cranberry slice for Lickteig.
  • Lichty – Rohde: Two rival brothers coming home to appease mom. Lichty, the slightly older, dominant one, Rohde, the scrappy shadow dweller. In the end, Rohde’s hustle nabs the pumpkin pie.
  • Rokke – Pylka: Rokke rolls on the scene like your cousin’s new boyfriend. Nobody knows anything about him and everyone is afraid to say much. Pylka plays the role of outgoing family member and makes Rokke feel welcomed. A little too welcomed, Rokke ends up hoarding the green bean casserole and drinks all the good beer that you brought.

Hope your holiday gathering is a little more functional that the Metro League. Play hard, reschedule if necessary, and be safe.