Season 2015: Week 8

Not sure what’s going on, but things got a bit nautical this week. Deal with it.

  • Anderson – Pylka: While Pylka does have access to quality spares, they’ve been somewhat rudderless without their skip. His return many indicate a reversion to normalcy, but this isn’t a good week for shaking off the rust. Anderson will come at them in a full frontal assault that is difficult for the best to overcome.
  • McGovern – Lawrence: A pre-Thanksgiving scouting session disguised as an act of goodwill has netted McGovern with a strong position to dominate the severely listing Lawrence. They responded well to a Fireball infused win last week, but a repeat is too much to ask for this holiday season. McGovern will bring it all this week.
  • Dveris – Rohde: Looking at the performance so far this season, Dveris and Rohde appear to be floating in the same vessel. It’s time to stop paddling and fire up the outboard motor. Rohde has the slightly better sea legs and will cruise out with a win.
  • Lickteig – Rokke: Rokke (not Rokke) continues to barge through the Metro League, but Lickteig may play the part of Coast Guard this week. If they can hit a few key shots, it’s possible for them to hand Rokke NR their first loss.
  • McLaughlin – Jansen: Not much can stop Jansen now that their good broom ratio has significantly increased. McLaughlin can tread water all night, but I don’t think they’re prepared for the tsunami silently coming their way.
  • Lichty – Hammes: Good spirits abound on sheet 6 this week and a hearty rum soaked fruitcake is rumored to be on tap for the stacking. Someday it will happen, but I think Lichty runs a tight enough ship to stave off a Hammes win this week.
  • McLellan – Boomer: Week by week, Boomer is remembering how to swim. Will they break through the chop and claim victory? Not while McLellan and his crew are at the helm. Strong teamwork prevails.
  • Dubois – Moll: Another tight battle this week which might be tougher to call, but having seen a member of the Dubois rink recently do well at a local curling competition makes me feel like they have the advantage this time around. Moll will look sharp and play a textbook match, but Dubois has their compass dialed in on a win.

There you go.