Season 2016: Week 11

Happy new year everybody. Hope you all had a safe yet exciting holiday experience. Let’s get back on the ice.

  • Dveris – Lichty: A holiday hangover for Dveris lingers and Lichty makes it happen.
  • Hammes – Wainberg: Hammes found the gift of curling under the tree this year so eWainberg better watch out.
  • Anderson – Moll: A close one no doubt. If Anderson can get the eggnog stains out of their Wednesday bests, they might have a shot. Watch for pine needles falling from the pockets of Moll.
  • McLaughlin – Boomer: Boomer needs this, the holidays weren’t so good and a pick-me-up win would really help. McLaughlin on the other hand had the best time ever over the break and the good times should continue.
  • Allendorph – Rohde: Both of these teams kept it cool during the break so this competition will be fierce. Rohde spent some time reviewing old video footage of Allendorph and will parlay that into their first win of 2016.
  • Haga – Lawrence: Security footage from the club shows that the Lawrence rink never left. They spent the whole break snoozing by the fire downstairs. Haga would be wise to let them sleep up until game time.
  • McLellan – Long: Canadian Mist to all and to all Canadian Mist.
  • Jansen – Dubois: The Jansen boys have been busy building all their Star Wars Lego sets that they got this year. Dubois would be wise to wear shoes while walking around the house.

I hear there is a secret sub joining Hammes this week but more importantly, it’s time to start thinking about our annual chili night. Who wants to help organize?