Season 2016: Week 13

The heat is on here in week 13 and I can’t tell you why but the last resort for most of you would be to get over it.

  • Haga – McLaughlin: It’s going to be a heartache tonight for someone out there. Have your Mylanta ready because I see a mild upset in the works.
  • Rohde – McGovern: Don’t expect some kind of partytown on sheet 7 this week, these two serious teams will play a serious game that will result in a serious winner.
  • Long – Lickteig: There are no brakes for Long or Lickteig this week because life in the fast lane does not allow it. We’ll need an extra Brillo pad to scrape what’s left of Long off of the back wall.
  • Dubois – Anderson: Anderson may be able to capitalize on an off night for Dubois due to a possible case of smuggler’s blues which is often a byproduct of cross border travel.
  • Dveris – Hammes: Dveris should take precautions to avoid lyin’ eyes during the coin flip. Hammes has tasted victory and can do nothing but chase that elusive high at any price.
  • Boomer – Moll: One of these nights Boomer will bring it strong. We’ve all seen their potential. Could this be the week they unleash it?
  • Lawrence – Lichty: Lawrence has been busy being fabulous while Lichty has been focusing on fundamentals. One can only coast on charm so long.
  • McLellan – Wainberg: McLellan, you belong to the city, and with that comes a host of responsibilities. Wainberg knows their way around so this one could be close.

Stay tuned for a chili night update. I should have a good idea on the date after this week’s match so take it easy and good culring.


  1. You see what happens when you pick against Rohde?