Season 2016: Week 16

Chili night next week, see the posting above. We’re in the home stretch, final quarter of the season so it’s time to start planning your endgame.

  • Anderson – Lickteig: Meet Lickteig and friends at the Tastee Freez pregame for a milkshake and pep talk. Anderson will be across town at the Hardees getting juiced on a pile of mushroom and Swiss. The shrooms start to kick in around the 4th end and it’s all downhill from there.
  • Allendorph – Hammes: The mid game social is sponsored by Cabo Wabo Diablo and the poor decisions just keep flowing after that. Allendorph would be wise to develop an anti-hex routine if they want to hold on to this one.
  • Haga – Long: The large crowds have been fading for the once idolized Long rink. If they can get butts in the seats, they’ll have a chance this week. Haga needs to concentrate on blocking out the fans and throwing rocks like a Sasquatch.
  • Lawrence – Moll: This game will not be played. Too many gold club rewards points to burn up. You have to use them or lose them.
  • Lichty – McGovern: A battle for the ages. Blood is thicker than water and rock is harder than ice if you catch my drift. Lichty may have a chance since their shoe gloss reduction procedure, but it’s still a long shot.
  • Dveris – Dubois: The curling match gives way to a live production of Ernest Goes to Camp. You’re learning to curl the Stennis way.
  • McLellan – Boomer: I see a rare moment of clarity for Boomer this week. A new moon provides a promising sign for them while signaling darkness and fear for McLellan. Both teams can improve their odds by eating a handful of fortune cookies pregame.
  • Jansen – Rohde: If both teams can field their roster players and avoid subs this week it should be a great matchup. The environment on sheet 8 lends itself well to Jansen’s point-and-shoot-double-pull offense while Rohde knows how to use the edge of the ice to their advantage.

Again – chili.