Season 2016: Week 4

This week marks the end of the season’s first quintan, so you know what that means? Not much! Big matches this week so let’s get on with it.

  • Dubois – Wainberg: Wainberg is starting to mesh a little bit, but Dubois doesn’t care about mesh.
  • Haga – Jansen: This week is no different than the rest. Jansen is unpredictable.
  • Allendorph – Moll: Could be a close one but Moll hasn’t been super visible this season so far.
  • Dveris – McLellan: Sponsored by Canadian Mist.
  • McLaughlin – McGovern: Could this be the return of Curlbot?
  • Long – Lawrence: Just in time for the holidays, the prodigal sons are coming for dinner. I’m pretty sure the parents will clean up.
  • Hammes – Lickteig: We would all love to see this be the week Hammes breaks the curse.
  • Boomer – Anderson: Sometimes Boomer can be red hot.

See you at the EBS conference today.