Season 2016: Week 9

Sorry I haven’t updated the standings in a few weeks. I’ll get that done this week for sure.

  • McLaughlin – Dubois: On sheet 8, it’s anyone’s guess. Mystical forces will pull and push the rock in unnatural ways. Check your opponent for directional fabric before the match. An impossible shot from Dubois will win the game.
  • Haga – Lickteig: Expect a late start this week as the Lickteig guys will arrive a bit behind schedule in their poorly restored AMC Eagle “team car”. That kind of unity is hard to top. Haga will assemble a few good ends but Lickteig shifts into 4×4 and powers out of the quagmire.
  • McLellan – Lichty: Keep the Canadian Mist handy for all participants. Don’t feel bad, you’ll do better next time.
  • Moll – Wainberg: Another serious test of the Wainberg rink but one that they can rise to. It will take a few ends for Moll to get things straight, but once they do, it should be smooth sailing. Cue the yacht rock.
  • Allendorph – Lawrence: I have been informed that the Lawrence lads will be jet setting as per usual so this game will not be played.  Shucks.
  • Boomer – Rohde: This is Boomer’s week. Rohde is certainly more than qualified to take down Boomer on a normal meeting, but all the stars align this time and the perennial Boomer juggernaut pokes out its turtle head just long enough to mark the W.
  • Jansen – Anderson: Someone call up ESPN Classic and broadcast this game between the ’87 World Series and ’98-‘99 NFC championship game.  It’s that classic. Hearts will break, tears will fall, fists will pump.
  • Dveris – McGovern: Instead of a coin flip on sheet 1, hammer should be decided by a foot race to Fern’s and back. McGovern should be able to win the race, and the match.

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The Lickteig curlmobile