Smart Core Technology

The HOGLINE team is pleased to announce a curling broom innovation: introducing, Smart Core Technology.

Standard pivoting heads have one big problem, friction between the internal parts during sweeping causes the head assembly to become loose over the course of a season or two. Once this happens, the head must be replaced.

Smart Core Technology changes all this. HOGLINE’s exclusive head assembly utilizes a removable core casing that not only is more durable than traditionally composed broom heads, but is also replaceable. This means that when a broom head with Smart Core Technology begins to wear, the owner is able to simply replace the casing. This will restore the broom’s action to a like-new condition thus extending the life of the broom.

Look for this system, available exclusively to HOGLINE customers, beginning in the fall of 2012. Current owners may be interested in upgrading to Smart Core Technology, visit our shopping page, or contact us directly for more information.