Stick a Fork in the Metro League

Well, there it is folks.  A dramatic season comes to a close in dramatic form.  Congratulations to rink Sonnabend for taking the lead early and never looking back.  A big pat on the back to everyone else who played hard and won well, and when the occasional losses occurred, you didn’t stay down for long.

It looks like there are a few make up games to be played.  If you are involved with any of them, please send me the results.  It would be nice to get the final standings as accurate as possible.  Good luck to all those heading into the playdowns, I’m sure you will represent strong for the Metro League.

Here are the winners for this week.

  • Bommer*
  • Anderson
  • Lawrence *(I’m giving myself that one because I totally knew they could do it, I just said those mean things to motivate them)
  • Erickson (I abstained from calling this one)
  • Lichty** (nice work on fulfilling my upset of the week prediction)
  • Sonnabend*
  • Dubois (not sure)*
  • McGovern*

Nice work by me on the calls.  Again, great season.  See you in playdowns and maybe spring league.  If you’re feeling bad about the seasons demise just try to remember that there are only 32 weeks until next season, that’s nothing.

I didn’t get any super exciting video, but I did get a shot of Beranek giving Lichty heck in the eighth end.


I may post some playdown updates as things progress, otherwise we’ll see you next year.
Good Curling.


  1. Anderson (not Ardnt) was lucky enough to get the W last night. Right on.

  2. Got it, thanks.