Take a Break Metro League

As I’m sure you are all aware, the Metro League is off this week for some visitors that the club is hosting.  I’m sure they’ll have a fantastic time.  But just because we don’t curl this week doesn’t mean we can’t have a post.  So here’s a few youtube curling videos to hold you over.

Also, don’t forget about the chili night next week.

Also, for you iPhone or iPod Touch folks check out this (possibly) awesome curling app. I don’t have one so if anyone wants to review it for me let me know.

Ok back to work.


  1. Ryan McLaughlin says:

    Just a note that I can’t seem to leave comments on the chili feed post up top.

  2. Jeff Dubois says:

    Some of those shots were so fantastic that they made me feel kind of funny down below.

  3. All the “Haaaaaard” calls made it seem like Lichty was skipping those games.

    Funny thing is we could have “the luckiest” shots and have some similar from Wed night. I know our team has had a few raises that were not totally planned end up awesome.