Week 1 Featured Matchup

League play starts tonight and I’m sure everyone is excited to get started.  Since I haven’t talked to any other teams yet, I’ll talk about the McGovern v. Wangsteen matchup on sheet 3.

This should be a pretty close match based on last year’s standings .  McGovern finished last year in 6th place over all with a record of 11:6 while Wangsteen finished two spots below with a 9:9 record.  Scouting reports indicate that the McGovern rink got some ice time in a few weeks ago.  The practice status of team Wangsteen has not been mentioned on Facebook or Twitter, so I’ll classify them as “undetermined”.

Last year’s meeting between Wangsteen and McGovern resulted in a McGovern win.  Will there be a repeat tonight?  Only time will tell.  The important point is that we all get out there and have a good time playing.

See you at the club.