Week 1 Results

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’m claiming a perfect first week for my predictions…with an asterisk because Boomer had to rain check.

I wasn’t able to see much of anyone else’s matches because we ended up in a street fight from the get-go. Crotty is a worthy opponent and will do well in the Metro League – we’re glad to have them.

It looks like the other newcomers – Long – gave it a go this week and in the true spirit of the Metro, I caught a glimpse of Jansen very kindly helping them learn the ropes.

Overall it was a great way to open the season. Winners this week include:

  • Sonnabend
  • Lockwood
  • Rohde
  • McGovern
  • Hoven
  • Lichty
  • Jansen

Hopefully we can get a quick makeup game between Anderson and Boomer and move on with the season.

It’s good to be back.