Week 1 Results

So, this is awkward…

McGovern slipped a bit (killed) and some of my other picks didn’t go as planned. But, the great thing about the early season is that anything can happen. Hats off to these fine winners:


So I’m sitting at a possible 50% in the pick category right now. I’m not totally sure on a few of these, and I need someone to fill me in on the Jansen v Stanek bout.

Overall it was a great first week, lots of activity and an unusual amount of spectators. I can tell it’s going to be a great season.

Video will be up soon too so stop back.

Good curling.



  1. Good first week! Man its good to be back.
    The Anderson Rink was ready to go this week – and it was a heck of a game on sheet 6 for a week one matchup. After knocking off a little rust – there were plenty of midseason shots made by both rinks. This week the Anderson Rink was able to make those one or two critical shots that swung that match in our favor. The standings on the other hand are telling a different tale – could they be corrected to reflect the Anderson “w”? Thanks dudes.