Week 10 Match Ups

Well I hope you all did okay without me, but I’m back. We’re lacking results from last week because I didn’t get an update from anyone,but that’s okay, it will make this week’s games that much more exciting.

Lockwood – Arndt: Lockwood has been doing well this season. A few losses, but more wins, plus another game by the wall helps their odds. Arndt, can win games, but haven’t had the best start this season. They’ll lose with honor this week as Lockwood plays it by the book.

McGovern – Lichty: All reports indicate that McGovern had an internally jubilant, but outwardly reserved victory over an imposing Sonnabend. Momentum like that is hard to quell. Lichty has their own methods of dealing with streaky teams, but McGovern will make it 4 in a row this week.

Jansen – Beranek: Beranek remains on a mission this season and while Jansen can be tough, it takes more than that to best Beranek.

McLaughlin – Rohde: Depending on how things shook down last week, Rohde could be tied for first right now, not something McLaughlin can approach lightly. Look for Rohde to play it cool for the fist half, but ramp up the pressure into the home stretch.

Sonnabend – Dubois: Sonnabend will need to bring it all this week as Dubois demands recognition as a force to be reckoned with. This one will be a marathon, definitely the longest match of the evening. Expect tons of defense and low scoring ends with Sonnabend taking victory the hard way.

Dveris – McLellan: McLellan had some wins early but have struggled in the mid-season. Dveris has marked some big wins and intend to keep the dream alive. Dveris will go up early, but McLellan will surge in the 5th and 6th to make it interesting. Dveris will ultimately prevail but we’ll see some good ends in the process.

Gabrio – Stanek: Gabrio are down but not out and Stanek are holding steady but not moving one way or another. This week Gabrio will find their balance and carry out the upset of the week.

Boomer – Lawrence: Too bad this one is all the way on sheet 8 because it has spectacle written all over it. I think Boomer is just a younger version of Lawrence: smart dressers, friendly folk, but with a darkened soul of inner turmoil. Best case scenario (for the casual observer) would be a Boomer meltdown early, followed by a Lawrence disintegration late. This one is too good to call, but I’m seeing a late game ‘giner tipping the scales in Lawrence’s favor.

Sorry to have left you last week, but the fine folks at the SF Bay Area Curling Club send their regards. Now let’s curl.


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