Week 11 Match Ups

Sorry everyone. I’ve been completely lax in my hogline duties.

I finally got the standing updated, although there were 3 matches from last week that weren’t marked. There was also one from two weeks ago that indicated that both McLellan and Lawrence both won the same match.

You’ll have to go without witty commentary today, seeing how it’s 2:30 already.

  • Dveris – Stanek
  • GabrioDubois
  • AndersonMcLellan
  • Sonnabend – Lichty
  • McGovernArndt
  • McLaughlin – Beranek
  • BoomerLockwood
  • Rohde – Hoven

I promise in the new year, we’ll get this blog back on track. See you tonight.



  1. For Clarification… Team McLellan should be 4-5 with wins over Lawrence and Dveris the last two weeks.

    Peace Out!
    Team McLellan

  2. Thanks for the info. It has been corrected.

  3. Sonnabend Rink says:

    Sonnabend defeated Dubois in Week 10!

    • Thanks. I’ve entered it into the system.
      Lots of zany action! This is going to be a great second half.

  4. Rohde beat Hoven last week.

  5. Sonnabend Rink says:

    Sonnabend defeated Lichty in our Make-up match tonite!!

  6. Rohde beat Stanek in our make up game last night.