Week 12 Match Ups

Hey Metros, what’s shaking?

As promised, I’m back in the new year albeit a bit late today. Hope you all had a safe and festive holiday season. Now let’s get down to business.

  • Rohde – Lichty: Rohde is riding the wave right now, coming off of a great first half and tied for first place. Their show-no-mercy approach has worked well. Lichty has been hovering around the middle of the pack all season and need a big win to break free. Unfortunately for Lichty, sheet 1 favors the better record and Rohde will prevail.
  • Mclaughlin – Hoven: Hoven is a family affair and as such have done well in their first season together. McLaughlin’s record doesn’t do them justice as they have fared better in other seasons and are certainly capable of marking some wins. This week, Hoven will keep it together and take the win.
  • Dveris – Lockwood: Lockwood and Dveris have both played strong all season but as the saying goes: “the mature curler is well served by a sturdy bench” means that Lockwood gets what they want on sheet 3.
  • Lawrence – Stanek: This should be a good match. Look for slow consistent planning early on to morph into a late match wild west style shoot out. I see a cloud of dust (ice dust or something) settling at 11:20 around Lawrence cleaning up.
  • Jansen – McLellan: McLellan is well on their way to earning the “most improved” title for the season but do they have enough to best Jansen? I’m going to side with the more experienced rink here with Jansen getting a win.
  • Boomer – Sonnabend: Like Rohde, Sonnabend has enjoyed a prosperous first half and will look to keep the tie for first intact. Boomer are making strides, but sometimes bring shame through problems with finesse. Sonnabend knows how to capitalize on shame and will do so this week.
  • Anderson – Arndt: There is a lot of space between these two rinks but both can surprise you. While third place Anderson might be a natural pick, I see Arndt digging deep and winning the upset of the week.
  • Gabrio – McGovern: Mythical sheet 8 will host a charming match this week. A well deserved holiday rest has rejuvenated both teams, but McGovern is on a roll and will use the odd forces of the last sheet in their favor as they look to pick up a spot or two in the standings.

There it is, for your late afternoon reading.

See you at the club.