Week 12 Results

More shake ups in the Metro league this week.  Warmer temps at the start time, accurate soup,  and political pressure all contributed heavily to the results on Wednesday.  Congratulations are in order for:

  • Boomer
  • Arndt *
  • Lawrence * (temp at start was about 13 so I’m claiming this one)
  • Dubois * (thank you turkey soup beans)
  • Kruse *
  • Lichty *
  • Rohde
  • Anderson

Not stellar picking by me this week, but I feel OK going 5 for 8.  Reports are that Anderson took no prisoners in their six end defeat of #1 Sonnabend and Lawrence, while I didn’t explicitly pick them, got a break from the weather to tighten their grip on their second place tie.  With eight weeks left, rinks need to start thinking about hammering out a few more wins to reflect back on during the summer months.

Sorry I haven’t entered the rest of the schedule yet, I’ll try to get it up this week so you can plot your paths to victory and strategize for the remainder of the season.  Also sorry that there won’t be any video, but I had a bye.

Good Curling.