Week 13 Results

Readers, I’m super bummed about missing the picks for this week. I was playing the single dad role for a few days and apparently curling prognostication doesn’t quite fit in with that lifestyle.

Here are the results with who I would have picked in bold:

  • Boomer – Dubois
  • RohdeAnderson
  • McLaughlinMcGovern
  • Lockwood – Hoven
  • BeranekDveris
  • LawrenceGabrio
  • JansenSonnabend
  • ArndtMcLellan

Looks like I didn’t do so bad (in hindsight).

A few notes. I got some video of Lockwood’s attempt to save the game and also a great shot from Dubois for the win. Look for a post on that later this week.

I also noticed some hootin and hollerin coming from sheet 6. I’m not sure what that was about, but it sounded exciting.

We’ll see you next week.


  1. Lockwood game came down to the end… that shot looks easier than it is from up above.

    Also, the Dubois raise was perfect. That was pretty impressive to get the win.