Week 14 Match Ups

Well it’s time to act. It seems like just last week we were breaking the ice and now here we, like a swelling mother-to-be, are moving into the third trimester. There is still time to make a move, but the leaders are working hard to defend their spots.

I figured that I’d give you a few days to analyze my analysis. So here goes:

  • Gabrio – Hoven: Gabrio really wants another win and they have the skill set to do it but this week will be tough. Hoven held on last week handing out a rare loss to Lockwood. That momentum should carry through for them.
  • McLaughlin – Dveris: Dveris started the season on fire but has cooled a bit. McLaughlin can challenge them but they’ll need to counteract the high-powered offense of Dveris. This one will go a full 8 ends but they’ll still be the first off the ice.
  • Arndt – Lichty: Sometimes a bye week is just what you need to get a boost in your game and last week Lichty took it to the extreme. The entire rink took the week off of work and went to a group hypnotherapy retreat to focus on anything but curling. We’ll see if it pays off. Arndt is coming of a win last week and will try to play the hypnotherapy to their advantage. I’m giving Lichty the edge.
  • Boomer – Beranek: Boomer is pissed. They went toe-to-toe with third place Dubois and lost on the last shot. Beranek is a bit of a wild card right now with a new skip so anything could happen. If Boomer can control the rage, and focus it, they stand a good chance this week.
  • McGovern – Stanek: In this author’s mind, McGovern is 12-0, the score sheet tells a slightly different story. They are 6-1 in the last 7 so look out as we head into the home stretch. Stanek is close behind and for years have been a pillar of the Metro League. McGovern has had trouble with them in the past and needs to divide to conquer.
  • Lockwood – Dubois: All eyes on sheet 6, this should be a great match. Recent history puts these two rinks on different sides of the same coin. Great records, solid play and consistent attitudes have made them well respected. However, Dubois lived the dream last week while Lockwood endured the nightmare (see the videos from last week in both cases). Can Lockwood shake it off, can Dubois do it again??????? Hammer in the 8th will win it. I’m leaning towards Dubois.
  • Lawrence – Rohde: With Sonnabend off this week, second place Rohde is looking to move closer first.  Lawrence has had some good times this season, and a few wins, but will find a win hard to come by this week.
  • Jansen – Anderson: Jansen is nursing some fresh wounds from a stern beating from Sonnabend last week while Anderson has made it their goal to express their dissatisfaction with this blog by never losing again. A big win against Rohde was a good start. Anderson can be beaten, but Jansen will be hard pressed to make some magic this week.

And there you have it.  Two days early and totally accurate.

Good curling


  1. Adam Trygstad says:

    For the Record, Beranek is 8-3, I think you missed our match-up with Jansen… in which we were victorious.

  2. Adam Trygstad says: