Week 14 Results

A cold night led to some close games this week and the end result is a little more separation in the league.  More importantly this week marks the first time that the Lawrence rink (in vibrant blue) has had an argument free match and it must have worked because as you can see, they put up a win.  Groups deserving a firm handshake include:

  • Lichty *
  • Dubois
  • Lawrence *
  • Wangensteen *
  • Jansen
  • Lockwood *
  • McGovern *
  • Sonnabend *

Calling 6 out of 8 right makes me feel good, of course I’d be nowhere without my personal psychic.

A few notes, remember that we all have a bye next week when the Scotts come to town, and the week after is the chili social, see the top post for more information.

Try to stay warm this week by visualizing hard sweeping.

Good curling.