Week 15 Match Ups

Here is the deal. An injured finger is making typing problematic so this week’s picks will be terse.

  • McGovernMcLellan: I’m skipping
  • Arndt – Dubois: Brute force
  • SonnabendHoven: Homebrew power
  • Jansen – Dveris: Coin flip
  • Lawrence – Anderson: Denim power
  • Boomer – Lichty: Giner
  • LockwoodStanek: Subs
  • BeranekRohde: New management

See you soon.


So apparently, as goes my finger, so goes my ability to pick. A sad 4 and 4 is shameful this week. Lots of movement this week as we move into the last quarter of the season.

McGovern victory was bittersweet. The final embarrassing stats are 2 burned stones and 3 giners. H/T to McLellan for making us work for it.