Week 15 Results

Well fellas, the chili night really seemed to be a great event. The turnout was outstanding and it really made for a nice pre-game social hour. A big thanks to Jarett Anderson for having the vision to make it happen.

Speaking for sheet 6, I have to say that the chili was first rate as were all the accompanying offerings.  They helped set the stage for an epic street fight down on the ice which regrettably ended in a McGovern defeat.

Hats off to the following winners:

  • Lichty
  • Rohde
  • Anderson*
  • Lockwood*
  • Dubois
  • Sonnabend*
  • Beranek*

Looks like the Boomer/Dveris match will have to be played another day.   Also, sadly, my picks didn’t go so well this week, but as I’ve said before, the league is really close and picking a lot of these games is not without extreme duress on my part.

My apologies as well for the lack of pictures or video, I really wanted to document the chili feed and all its greatness, but the batteries in my camera were dead.  Crappy.  You’ll just have to close your eyes and visualize.

Anyhow, five weeks left to make your mark on this season.  No time to waste.  See you next week and good curling.


  1. Lang Boomer says:

    Hey Ole, the week 15 Boomer vs. Dveris match was played Monday 3/14. The whole Boomer rink brought their A game looking to finish the season at .500 and succeeded!

  2. Got it. Thanks and nice work this year.