Week 16 Match Ups

Some teams continue to break away while others are clawing through the middle. Week 16 means there isn’t too much time for movement. Here is the lineup.

  • Lawrence – Beranek: Lawrence is feeling good after another win last week although they were sub heavy. Beranek is still trying to solidify the new lineup, so look for a close match. Sheet 1 was weird last week, it could be a factor.
  • Lockwood – Lichty: Lichty is sitting at a solid .500 right now, but Lockwood won’t be easily scared. The bigger factor this week will be the racket coming from sheet 1. Tune it out to win.
  • Gabrio – McLellan: Gabrio has had some close ones this year, so I expect this to be a good test of both rinks. McLellan proved last week that they could hit some shots so it’s not going to be an easy go for either side. The red team will win.
  • McLaughlin – Anderson: Anderson has been questioning their last loss all week. What went wrong, who should be blamed, should we quit? Those kind of questions are natural for a rink that loses to Lawrence, but carry on. McLaughlin comes off of their second bye week and is feeling fresh. A game of “trade the hammer” will go on for the first half with Anderson breaking away in the 5th.
  • Jansen – Rohde: Rohde wants to creep up on Sonnabend but Jansen has other plans. To beat Rohde, one must overcome their strict methods. Does Jansen have the chops? This week they do, and I’m picking them for the upset of the week.
  • Dveris – Hoven: A tough loss in the 8th has given Hoven the need to card a big win but Dveris knows how to play defense. There will be no big ends, so they’ll have to grind this one out.
  • McGovern – Dubois: Oddly, McGovern has been picked to win 15 straight times this season. So why not a few more? This is a must win for them if they want to continue to move up in the standings. The plan this week is to fake an injury and go for the pity win. I’m just not sure that Dubois will fall for it.
  • Sonnabend – Stanek: Sheet 8 has derailed a few dreams over the years and Sonnabend is well aware of it. Picking Rohde to fall this week has given Sonnabend a false sense of calm. It’s possible that Stanek could capitalize on that. The deciding factor though is that sheet 8 is farther away from Fern’s than the others. This extra distance will be too much for them to endure.

Now go back to work.