Week 17 Match Ups

Down to the wire. Each passing week makes it harder to move up, but the season is not over. Get out there, play hard, and don’t give up (Anderson).

  • Anderson – Stanek: Contrary to last week, Stanek will have a distinct advantage of playing on the sheet closest to Fern’s. Look out Anderson, no goofing around this week if you want to finish strong. This one is going to be an eighth end nail biter.
  • Boomer – Jansen: After a well deserved break, Boomer takes the ice refreshed and confident. Jansen however is wound up and ready to do some damage. Sorry Boomer, but rage trumps cool everytime.
  • Dveris – Dubois: Dveris has been plagued with staffing issues all season and the results have been mixed. Dubois is always ready to play and keep opponents on their toes. A few close ends will yield to a Dubois break-away in the 4th.
  • Rohde – McLellan: McLellan has come a long way over the last two seasons, but Rohde has been honing their craft for far longer. Last week they proved they have the stamina and focus to play the long games and come out on top. Plus I’m not going to let another pick get messed up by teams not complying, so here you go.
  • Beranek – Hoven: Hoven put up some major points last week and are looking to finish the season strong. While my confidence in Beranek has been low, they’ve pulled out a few wins with the new lineup. This week though, look for the Hoven Express to keep on rolling.
  • Sonnabend – Arndt: This week, Sonnabend doesn’t have geography on their side, sheet 6 plays by its own rules so they shouldn’t look for any handouts. The difference here is that it’s a lot easier to keep the momentum of a first place ranking going, than it is to try to claw your way back up to 0.500. Arndt is competitive, but to beat Sonnabend you need something more.
  • Gabrio – Lichty: Gabrio has mixed well with the Metro league, but their successes have been few. A favorable coin toss will start Gabrio down the right path, but Lichty is known to be a heartbreaker. Watch out for outlandish stunts from the skip that have the ability to ruin your day.
  • McLaughlin – Lawrence: Lawrence has been winning more than losing lately and I think they have the constant wardrobe updates for that. McLaughlin has lost some close ones that make their record deceiving. If Lawrence can keep it fresh, they’ll be buying the beer.

Three more weeks after this one. So stop messing around and get busy. My rink has a bye this week so I’d really appreciate it if someone could snap a pic of the score sheet, or email me your results… kthxbai


  1. Nice prediction Carnac. The gravimetric force of Fern’s was indeed strong with the Stanek Rink on sheet one. The Anderson Stanek clash did in fact come down to the 8th end – the Anderson boys were able to soldier on and pull out the ‘W’. The Anderson Rink can formally say that our thoughts of bronzing our sliding shoes and hanging up our brooms is over. Thanks for the overwhelming support from the Hogline. The words of encouragement adjacent to our Rink’s name in parentheses was a tremendous morale booster.