Week 17 Wrap Up

What a week.  We now have a two way tie for first and a four way tie for third while McGovern sits alone in second place.  We were talking about the temperature during our post match broom stacking, and it was mentioned that there was about a 60 degree difference in outdoor temps between last week and this.  It sure was noticeable on the ice.  “Nice work” to the following winners:

  • Boomer
  • Arndt/Dubois (? Anyone ?)
  • Lawrence
  • Wangensteen
  • Anderson*
  • Lockwood*
  • McGovern*

Dveris was a no-show so Stanek spent some time running a curling clinic on sheet 2 before heading to Ferns a bit early.  I missed the Arndt/Dubois result so if anyone has that, please pass it on.  My apologies to the Lawrence rink who was a bit steamed that I would pick them to lose.  Sorry guys, but I knew it would motivate you to bring your A game.  Nice job.

Now with three weeks of regulation play left there is less time to make a move in the standings.  Sonnabend can stay on top by not losing, as can Lockwood.  McGovern needs both teams to lose one in order to move up.

I posted a lot of video this week, so be sure to stop by the other posts to watch the bonus video and the final five rocks of the Lockwood – Beranek bonanza.

See you next week.

Good curling.


  1. Technically there is not a tie for first since Sonnabend put up a ‘W’ when they played Lockwood in the first half.
    It should also be noted that Sonnabend and Lockwood each have another bye coming in the next 3 weeks which throws a bit of a wrench into the works.

    Congrats to McGovern for beating Sonnabend 3 years in a row now. You guys did a great job a putting yourselves in a position to win.

  2. Good point. The bye does mess things up a bit too.
    If McGovern can beat Anderson then we’ve beaten the top 6 teams. But losses matter too and we’ve had our share of those.

    Three years in a row, we’re inside your head.

  3. Jeff Dubois says:

    Hey – Dubois won versus Arndt in an extra end.

  4. Jeff, nice job finding a sub that can help you rack up a ‘W’. See you wednesday?

  5. Jeff Dubois says:

    Sonnabend – I emailed some of my fav curlers from the Canadian National team (Gushue, Martin, Howard) but none of them could make it.

    See you Weds!

  6. Jeff, Maybe you can get some of them for your make-up game against Lichty. If you win that one it would bump you into third since you have the win against McGovern.
    Get that make-up scheduled!