Week 18 Match Ups

Getting late on a Wednesday. We’ll do this quickly.

  • Boomer – Arndt: Sheet one finds favor with Boomer this week if they ask nicely; upset of the week.
  • Anderson – Hoven: Anderson has the skillz to make it happen. Hoven will hang tight, but trip up in the 6th.
  • Jansen – Lawrence: This is the bout to watch. Each team possesses equal ability to produce miracles, but Jansen will prevail.
  • Lichty – Stanek: Lichty has found the sweet spot and are out to punish their last few opponents. It’s not personal, Stanek, they just have rage issues.
  • Sonnabend – McLellan: Sonnabend needs a win to even the score with Rohde. I expect McLellan will make it interesting though.
  • McLaughlin – Gabrio: This one is a coin flip, but Gabrio is due. A five ender will make all the difference.
  • Beranek – Dubois: Dubois has made a career out of steadfast, stoic play. This one will be decided in the 8th with Beranek in it till the end.
  • McGovern – Lockwood: Look out. The sheet 8 vortex will definitely try to influence play here. Lockwood has been cruising YouTube looking for McGovern clips to research this weeks match, but there are very few. They’ll have to rely on old-fashioned gumption (which they have a lot of) if they want a chance. McGovern rested easy last night on the fact that they’ve been picked to win 15 straight times already, so they got that going for them, which is nice.

Go back to work now and let this sink in.

See you at the club.