Week 19 Match Ups

The penultimate week looks like this:

  • GabrioLockwood: Gabrio, you’ve been a good addition to the league, but Lockwood is tough. I’m still nursing my wounds from last week. Your best hope is to distract them with talk of eelpout.
  • Beranek McLellan: I continue to underestimate Beranek. McLellan continues to improve and refine their game but the strong leadership of Beranek is tough to overcome.
  • ArndtStanek: Stanek has been successful lately, but this week they’ll run into the Arndt wall. A fast game will culminate with a last end nail-biter.
  • Boomer – Hoven: The curse of the ‘giner plagues Boomer again this week as Hoven will largely succeed in employing strong-arm tactics to mark another win.
  • McLaughlinDubois: A tough loss last week will fuel Dubois’ desire to finish the season strong. McLaughlin will do their best and maintain a lead for a time, but that lead will slip through their fingers in the last two ends.
  • JansenMcGovern : McGovern was riding high on a string of wins which was interrupted by Lockwood last week. No offense Jansen, but you’re standing between McGovern and a win. Just to show we’re good guys, we’ll clean up and buy beer if we win.
  • Rohde – Sonnabend: Wow, what a week to have this match. They are tied for first place and both are on top of their game right now. This will be a good one to watch. I suspect it will be one of the last matches to finish up. It’s too close to call so I’ll let the snow total decide. Anything over 4 inches means Sonnabend will win.
  • Anderson – Dveris: I’ve learned the hard way never to pick against Anderson. They are great guys and fine human specimens (they totally didn’t coerce me into saying that either). I can’t help but pick them to win. Look out though, sheet 8 will drive you crazy.

Only one week left. Great season, lots of action, and there’s still time to get another win or two. Let’s all hope we make it to the club.