Week 2 Matchups

If last week proved anything, it’s that past records are out the window. We had some close losses, some hardy beatings and at least one proverbial crime scene on sheet 7 complete with chalk outlines and blood spatter analysis. Week 2 finds the league getting back to the swing of things (in my opinion) so maybe choosing winners will not be as challenging.

  • Jansen – Dubois: This one is tough, I don’t know how Jansen did last week, so I’ll have to use my instinct and foggy memory from last season. In fact, I’m basing this pick on the strength of Dubois’ chili from last year. Dubois for the win.
  • McLellan – Hoven: Mystery rink Hoven squares off against McLellan who started off this season with a bang. I’m predicting a good season for McLellan, they’ll make it two in a row this week with a narrow victory over Hoven.
  • McLaughlin – Stanek: McLaughlin is struggling to prove that despite the name change, they’re still the same old Kruse they always were, maybe even better, but the Stanek fellas are no slouches. Look for some serious back and forth on sheet 3 resulting in McLaughlin moving to 500 for the season.
  • Dveris – Sonnabend: Dveris is no joke, morale is extremely high for them since handing out a thorough beat down against their opposition last week while (currently undefeated) Sonnabend is still retooling. If Dveris can get up early, they might just be able to rattle the Sonnabend demeanor. Sheet 4 will be the location of this week’s upset of the week.
  • Boomer – Gabrio: Boomer, who had a first week bye, makes their debut this week against Biff defectors, Gabrio who had a tough first week against Sonnabend and his cronies. I foresee an even first half with Boomer finding their stride in the 5th and slamming the door in the 7th.
  • Beranek – Arndt: Based on last year’s records and last week’s momentum, I see Beranek emerging victorious, but they’ll have to battle an early 5 point deficit to do it.
  • Rohde – Lockwood: Talk about two evenly matched teams! I hate to make a Lockwood match the center of attention two weeks in a row, so I won’t. Don’t pay any attention to sheet 7, it will only piss you off. Lockwood will play it safe and win, nobody wants to see that.
  • Anderson – McGovern: Stop what you’re doing and focus on sheet 8 to see McGovern retaliate against the universe. It’s too bad that Jarett and the boys have to be the recipient of our wrath, but what can I say? Life isn’t fair. No, I’m just kidding, these guys are great. I predict a very courteous and humble win for McGovern with Anderson actually apologizing for not losing by more.

In other business, we are looking to reprise the wildly successful “chili night” again this year, so start thinking about that. The tentative date for that is November 30 – the week after Thanksgiving. How does that sound? Too soon? We can move it back if there are strong opinions. Let’s talk more about it at the club this week.

Good Curling




  1. Dan Beranek says:

    This is incredible. I’m so happy. The only thing better would be pre match video predictions and post game video analysis.

    Keep it up!

    • Thats a great idea Dan, I’ll hold auditions next week for a charismatic host. I’m thinking someone who wears a lot of red and has a winning record.