Week 2 Results

Lots of action this week as underdogs continue to impress, former greats stumble, and old faithfuls remain…faithful.
Here are the big winners this week:


Cracking .500 is a pick victory for me. I’d like to pat myself on the back for picking the upset of the week, and my apologies to the Gabrio rink, it’s hard to predict with a team without history, but I will not underestimate you again. And hats off to McLellan for beating everyone’s expectations and starting off 2 and 0, keep it up.

I could go on all night, but unfortunately, in this country, we work on Thursdays, so I’m turning in.

Great Curling


  1. Sean Sonnabend says:

    I wish I would have looked at the pics ahead of time… I may have had more motivation to not lose. I don’t know how much of an upset it was though Ole, seeing as they knocked off last years 2nd place team last week. I think Shaun and his boys could be a force this year seeing as they are 2-0 and can’t attribute it to having an easy schedule.
    Kudos Dveris Rink… and thanks for the beer.

  2. Ryan McLaughlin says:

    Stanek bested us last night. Though not for lack of trying.