Week 20 Details: The End Is Here

All the practice, all the studying, all the late nights, they have all come down to this.  Week 20.  We have all won, and we have all lost and here we are.  As tradition states, the first place rink will buy the first pitcher for each table so we have that going for us.  Now on to the match ups.

Match Score
March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 2
Boomer McLellan

1 - 0

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 6
Anderson Arndt

1 - 0

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 8
Lawrence Rohde

1 - 0

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 5
Stanek Erickson

0 - 1

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 1
Lichty Beranek

1 - 0

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 4
Dveris Sonnabend

0 - 1

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 3
Kruse Dubois

0 - 1

March 9, 2011 9:00 pm Sheet 7
Jansen McGovern

0 - 1

  • Boomer – McLellan:  Two relative newcomers square off this week, both plagued by playing under the wrong name on the schedule sheets, both trying to carve out their niche in the league.  I’d like to see McLellan win one more, but Boomer has played well against many of the teams in the league.  I see them in the winners circle this week.
  • Anderson – Arndt:  Their record are the inverse of each other, with Anderson ranked slightly above Arndt, but something (I’m not sure what) is telling me to pick Arndt, so I will.
  • Lawrence – Rohde:  This one is easy.  Lawrence hasn’t been fit to be picked in many weeks.  Rohde will have no problem beating these clowns into an icy pulp.  “Cleanup on sheet 8.”
  • Stanek – Erickson:  I have seen both of these rinks play well and beat good teams.  Don’t let their records fool you, this will be a good match to watch and it should come down to the wire.  I’m calling this one the coin flip of the week.  Whoever has the hammer first will win it.
  • Lichty – Beranek:  Both rinks have a real desire to win this week.  Lichty is looking to end a bumpy season on a high note while Beranek would like to separate from the pack.  Play will be slow and well orchestrated by both sides.  Both of these skips can hit shots so expect a nail biter but in the end, Lichty will stage a win and take the upset of the week title.
  • Dveris – Sonnabend:  It’s lonely on top and the pressure has been getting to the Sonnabend collective lately.  Three byes not only screw up the stats a bit, but create unnatural breaks in the season.  Dveris will be looking to take advantage of those factors but will ultimately fall to a rusty Sonnabend who will take their time getting on track.
  • Kruse – Dubois:  Dubois has been playing well this year and has established a firm spot in the top half of the league, a win this week would affirm that position.  While Kruse is ranked lower than their adversary, they have already beat them earlier in the season, this gives them a mental advantage that can go a long way in this game.  However, Dubois has a slight edge and will take the win this week.
  • Jansen – McGovern:  A few factors come into play with this match.  McGovern’s will is unmatched in the league, but their performance occasionally falls short.  Jansen has had a few big wins and has already defeated McGovern once.  McGovern had a bump in the road last week but will end the season strong, look for a win around the 11:11 mark.

This will do it for the ’10-’11 season.  Playdowns will follow and it looks like the Metro League will have hearty representation.  Let’s all have some fun this week and we’ll see you in the post season.


  1. Sonnabend says:

    Ole, you are truly unrelenting… you better hope that Bob and company forgot their reading glasses so that don’t see how badly you reamed them this week 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work with the web site, it is a great resource and much appreciated.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Wow, very harsh. I like it. Just the motivator we are looking for.

    Thanks as well for the great job on this site. Wish I could get our IT guy to fix this damn firewall so I can watch the videos. Oh I suppose I could watch at home, but really is that good use of non working time. I mean really, I have things to do at home.

  3. Man, did I type that out loud. Usually the filter between what I’m actually thinking and what I end up writing works much better. Hmm. Time for a scapegoat.

    Um, Sean must have broken into my account and changed it.

  4. Sonnabend says:

    Myself and the Dveris rink are planning to be at the club around 8pm to do some pre-game drinking/reminiscing about the last 20 weeks.
    See you at the club tonight.