Week 3 Results

Help! I totally walked out of the club without taking a picture of the league sheet. So I only know the winners of a few matches. If you can, please let me know the winners for the matches I am missing.

My guess is that I was so distraught after another McGovern rink defeat that I left in a daze, it’s also possible that I am losing my mind. Either way we need to crowd source this data.

Here is my best recollection of the evening:

Boomer*-McLellan (thanks)

Some might say this is pretty pathetic, and they would be right. How could I not know the results of games going on right beside me? Focus people…pure focus.

Thanks to Doug, I have some video in the previous post featuring the dramatic unfolding of the Beranek v Lockwood debacle.

Good Curling



  1. Over on sheet 3, exactly as predicted, the new green track suits proved to be too much for the undefeated McLellan rink to handle

  2. News Alert: Sonnabend Rink defeats Anderson Rink in Week 3!!