Week 4 Matchups

Already four weeks in. I can see the league separating a bit. We have two teams leading the pack at 3 – 0 many in the middle, and only a few sad bastards still winless, but this is the week to equalize. The low will rise up and the mighty will fall. So without anymore grandstanding, here are the games for the week.

Beranek – McGovern: Hmm….3 and 0 vs 0 and 3. This is going to be an easy call. Beranek is like a shooting star, bright and vivid, but fleeting. McGovern on the other hand is like a acorn, small and nutty, but over time will mature into a mighty force. I’d say that time is now.

Lawrence – Lockwood: Lockwood has been doing well against some tough teams this season and while they didn’t pull it off last week, they’re still in a good spot. Lawrence on the other hand hasn’t fared so well, but look out. After collectively getting some sick ink done, the Lawrence rink has adopted the league bad ass reputation. Watch for gangland style tactics and shady dealings from Lawrence. In the end though, Lockwood will use their all American, squeaky clean image to emerge victorious.

Anderson – Gabrio: Anderson has been pretty solid this season so I expect their performance to continue, but things won’t be cut and dry. Gabrio has the element of surprise in this league. No history means no predictability, so they could throw Anderson for a loop. I think we’ll see a good eighth end on sheet 3 with Anderson narrowly winning.

Jansen – Arndt: Two really even teams here, but Arndt is riding high after besting Lockwood last week. Both are eager to hit 0.500 but only one will. Tension will be high even before the coin flip for this one. I think I heard that Jansen will be switching things up a bit to try to gain an advantage on the ever-watchful Arndt. A poorly timed burned rock will tip the odds in Jansen‘s favor.

Dubois – Hoven: Anther battle in the middle of the pack. Both teams have had early season byes and both are clamoring for wins and respect. The mystery of Hoven is wearing off as scout reports show that the spirit of Erickson lives on through them, although it really doesn’t help with the prediction here. I’ll say that Hoven is still coming together as a team and Dubois will seize on that and turn it into a win.

McLaughlin – Lichty: Licthy is feeling good to be 1 and 1 and feel like they can take that momentum and roll with it. There was talk that they had hired the Lawrence tattoo brigade to intimidate their opponents during the pregame, but it’s this writer’s opinion that they don’t need it and can win on their own. McLaughlin, on the other hand is a worthy opponent who builds their game on fundamentals and class, so who will outclass whom? I’d say this one comes down to the quality of the sweeping, and I’ve noticed that the Lichty rink has some dated brooms. McLaughlin wins by one rock.

Stanek – McLellan: This should be a good match, again, we have teams with equal records facing off. The early success of McLellan could be enough to carry them through this one, but Stanek have been around and don’t just bow out. I see McLellan holding their own through five ends, but the stamina of Stanek will contribute heavily to their victory.

Boomer – Devris: This will be a big test for Boomer. Devris has made a name for themselves as a legitimate front runner and they don’t take kindly to teams trying to beat them. The pressure of being undefeated can be great though, and week after week, can turn into a disadvantage. Boomer will capitalize on that fragile balance and plant the seed of doubt early. Divide your attention between sheet one an sheet eight and if everything works out well, we could have no undefeated teams come 11:00.