Week 5 Matchups

What’s up Metro League? I went in to the club on Saturday morning to check the sheet, but there are still a few games that didn’t get marked? How about some diligence folks? The standings now reflect the matches that have been recorded, hopefully I’ll get the rest of them this week.

A quick note: Please look over to the left for a poll concerning the second annual Metro League Chili Feed. By all accounts it was a great event last year so we believe there is interest in repeating it. This date is tentative, but if you all put in your vote, it would help us with planning.

Rohde – Gabrio: Gabrio had a good start but has been slipping lately while Rohde seems to have picked up where they left off last season. Don’t count Gabrio out, but they need to get going fast if they want to stay in it. If Rohde can play their game and control the sheet, they’ll move up in the standings this week.

Beranek – Sonnabend: Sheet 2 should be a good match to watch. Beranek is playing really well this year, as I and my teammates experienced their force first hand last week. They have emerged as the top team and if they keep it up, they’ll be hard to catch up with. Don’t count Sonnabend out though. While they have been doing some retooling this season, they still build their game on a stable tripod of fundamentals, teamwork and blue collar class. I see the lead changing hands on an end-by-end basis, but Beranek will win with the hammer in the eighth.

Jansen – Lockwood: Tension will be high in this one because of the bad blood between these two rinks. Normally they are both very cordial teams, but it’s their similarity that causes the friction. Expect a broken broom or two and maybe even some blood on the ice as Lockwood emerges victorious.

Dubois – McLellan: I think I’m missing some data for Dubois, so it makes it hard to call this one. Historically speaking, Dubois has done well. McLellan will win the flip and take an early lead, but a 4th end inspirational speech will allow Dubois to rally and take the match.

Lawrence – McGovern: Lawrence has been all over the map this season, from the outfits, to the hair pieces to the new tattoos, but one thing they were missing was the fire they brought to the ice. I had the pleasure of bordering their sheet last week and I can tell you that the fire is back. It’s really too bad that they will lose. Despite their record McGovern is playing awesome this year, so don’t expect anything to change, except a W in their favor.

Boomer – Stanek: Not sure what happened on sheet 8 last week, but Boomer’s opponent was a no show so they got in some serious diagnostic practice time. Look out Stanek. Watch for finely tuned deliveries and laser precise sweeping as Boomer gets the match they were denied last week.

McLaughlin – Arndt: There are still a few teams looking for their first victory of the season. McLaughlin is one of them. Arndt is tough, but they are human and do have weaknesses. If McLaughlin can systematically diagnose, organize and attack, they can break down Arndt and pick up the upset of the week.

Lichty – Hoven: Both of these rinks are capable of winning and so far this year, they both have, but tonight only one can. Hoven is still trying to find their footing under a new skip and with a partial new cast while Lichty is fine tuning in an attempt to show the league that their glory days are yet to come. Sheet 8 can be tricky to read, but Lichty will overcome thanks in part to good news from a fortune cookie this week. So if Chinese is on the menu, Lichty will be cleaning the ice.


See you at the club on Wednesday and take a minute to respond to the poll about the chili. More information to follow.

Good Curling



  1. Hey, if you’re going to pick Beranek to win just because they are undefeated so far… then maybe you should be picking “someone” to lose for the same reason… 🙂

    Sonnabend-McLaughlin is in for chili (I’ll make it if I have to)