Week 5 Results

Huge week! Three games took an extra end, my upset pick came true and my group graciously let Lawrence win one. Video was captured and home brew was consumed too, what more could you ask for?

Here are the winners:

  • Rohde*
  • Sonnabend
  • Lockwood*
  • Dubois*
  • Lawrence
  • Boomer*
  • McLaughlin*
  • Hoven

Nail biters all over the place. But most importantly, I got over 50% of the picks right, thus improving my very low self esteem.

Some have questioned the slow start for the McGovern rink, but we just really want to stage the greatest comeback in Metro League history. We have a bye next week, but we’ll be working hard during the break, so look out week 7 (and beyond), the rest of the season is ours!

Thanks for voting on the chili feed poll. We have enough interest to make it official. So plan on it November 30. I’ll post official documentation on it later this week or early next.