Week 6 Matchups

Another Wednesday is almost here and this week McGovern can’t lose. But instead of taking it easy, we’ll be busy working on our form on the kitchen floor and reading strategy books. The rest of you need to look out. Here are the exciting face offs for week 6.

  • Boomer – Anderson: Rumor has it that Anderson is testing out a secret weapon this week. Speculation ranges from laser guided delivery aids to electric brush pads. Whatever it is, Boomer appears to be holding fast to their confidence. Unfortunately for them, Anderson‘s gimmicks will prevail leaving Boomer to think twice about trusting their instincts.
  • Lichty – McLellan: Even records here indicate that this may be a close match, however, the styles of these two skips could not be more different. The newness of McLellan lends the team to bouts of unpredictability which borders on recklessness. This could prove difficult to the cold calculation of the Lichty anchor. McLellan will have a few surprise ends, but Lichty will grind this one out.
  • Arndt – Hoven: Arndt, like McGovern, has struggled this year. It could be due to a tough schedule or team chemistry, but they’ve had some difficulty getting things right. Hoven on the other hand have enjoyed a few sweet wins early in the season, a surprise to some who thought the team’s rebuilding would cause early losses. Look for Hoven to win another one, but watch out for Arndt next week.
  • McLaughlin – Lockwood: After a rough start, Lockwood is clawing their way back to the top, this week, they’ll find McLaughlin standing in their way. I see a very efficient match played by both sides resulting in the fastest eight ends of the night. When the water vapor clears, it will be Lockwood with the win.
  • Rohde – Dveris: As far as I can tell, Deveris is still lossless, but an early bye week and a scheduling conflict may have taken the momentum away. In the mean time, Rohde has been logging wins more often than not, and climbing in the polls. That momentum will stay with Rohde this week as they hand Dveris their first loss.
  • Lawrence – Sonnabend: There have been complaints that I never pick Lawrence. Well why would I, those jokers are so bad they probably couldn’t beat McGovern….hmm….I vaguely remember that maybe they did beat us. Okay, so they’re not so bad, in fact, they just came off of a huge win, so they’re on the warpath. Sadly, their next casualty will be the Sonnabend boys who should know better than to get into the home brew during the pregame. Lawrence has another big win this week.
  • Beranek – Gabrio: While Beranek does have a loss now, they are still on top of the pile with the most wins. This week could be a struggle for them as Gabrio is still a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Gabrio will get down in points early, then make a surge, but Beranek will finish strong and take the win.
  • Dubois – Stanek: Both of these teams have managed to log a nice set of early wins to put them near the top of the leader board. It’s too bad that they ended up on sheet 8 because I think this will be the match that everyone will want to see. Similar styles will make for a great back and forth game. Extra ends will be avoided though with a skillfully thrown final rock from the Dubois rink.

So there it is, I’m predicting that my predictions will be 100% accurate.

Look for more information this week on the chili feed. We’ve had good voting so I’m positive that it will be another enjoyable event. Now get back to work.