Week 7 Match Ups

Hi all, happy Thanksgiving. It seems like just yesterday, we were breaking the ice on a new season. With week 7 and the holidays upon us, there are no more excuses for being out of practice or rusty. Your play now speaks for itself. Now I know that everyone is itching to run off and spend some time with family, but before you do, you have a curling match to partake in. Here’s what’s happening in the Metro League this week –

  • Dveris – Lichty: Dveris has been tough this season and have found themselves in the upper echelon of the league. The latest spy reports indicate that they are Sunday night regulars too, so the extra practice could be a significant factor in their success this season.  Lichty has just as many wins though, and has shown great improvement over last season. They’re coming off a win and have some good momentum along with some equipment upgrades. Both rinks will have to watch out for some crazy ice behavior over on sheet 1. Lichty will read the ice right and call a near perfect game.
  • Anderson – Dubois: This is going to be a good match to watch. Dubois is in a four way tie for second place and Anderson isn’t far behind. They could be closer but they foolishly decided to host a sub from the McGovern rink last week with disastrous results. Being close to the holidays, it is tough to field your proper team which can throw the hole night off. Whichever team has fewer subs will take the victory.
  • Rohde – Stanek: Rhode has always commanded respect on the pebble and this year their record is shaping up nicely. Stanek is looking good at 0.500 right now too. On this particular evening, youth will play a key role in deciding victory and Rohde has it in spades.
  • Boomer – McGovern: What? Is this a joke. I’d be surprised if Boomer even shows up. McGovern has had a wonderful bye week filled with manni peddies, mud packs, and steam baths out in the woods and have come back a new team ready to go undefeated for the remainder of the season. So sorry Boomer, but someone has to be first. We’ll try to keep it fun for you though. Good luck.
  • Sonnabend – Lockwood: A fitting match for sheet 5, these two experienced and familiar teams will duke it out for pride. Watch for Lockwood to use the old “good skip/bad skip” routine to throw Sonnabend off their game. I’ve seen it work on them before, but they’re now slightly older and possibly smarter. Sonnabend has some tricks too, I predict that they’ll use the old “Haley’s Comet” bit to try to steal a few ends. Shenanigans will ensue and when the hijinks abate Lockwood will be cleaning the ice.
  • Gabrio – Arndt: These two teams have their work cut out for them. Both need some more wins to advance in the standings and both are entirely capable of doing so. This week, Gabrio is dedicating it to the Pilgrims (may we never forget them), while Arndt have stated that they’re doing this one for Heavy D. While the latter has significant gravitas, it’s tradition that will translate into a victory for Gabrio.
  • Lawrence – Hoven: Hoven means business. They came into the league a slightly modified rink with a tough record from the previous season, but they’ve played well and stayed high in the standings. It’s always great to see Lawrence win, but they’re at their best when things start falling apart. If Lawrence shows up with the hat/hair pieces and the tattoos, they have a chance, otherwise Hoven will take another one.
  • McLaughlin – Jansen: Two more closely ranked rinks will square off on sheet 8. The good news in this one is that one of these teams will double their wins this week. Who will it be? This one is tough for me to call having not seen either one up close yet this season so I’ll have to go with Jansen for winning this match up last year. Go get ’em.

Well there it is. Now get out their and play. A few notes.

– Don’t forget about the chili feed next week, contact your opposing rink to coordinate.

– There is a rumor that there will be some late night debauchery at Fern’s or Cotello’s post game.

– If your rink can’t make it, please contact the opposing team to reschedule. It’s always sad to see a rink that makes the effort to show and then gets stiffed. It happens frequently on this week.


Good Curling