Week 7 Results

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Sorry this is a few days late but I was a little busy with the national holiday and all. Huge news. McGovern won big this week, breaking the streak and becoming the last team to log their first win thanks to a 7th end ‘giner.

Here are the results:

  • Dveris – Lichty (rescheduled)
  • Anderson – Dubois
  • Rohde – Stanek (?)
  • Boomer – McGovern*
  • Sonnabend – Lockwood
  • Gabrio – Arndt
  • Lawrence – Hoven
  • McLaughlin – Jansen (rescheduled)
  • BONUS! Lichty – Beranek (I think) Correction! Apparently Beranek took the low road en route to a shady victory.

There it is, the Turkey Classic week is over. My picks were terrible, but I finally tasted victory.  If anyone can fill in the gaps here, please let me know in the comments. ‘Preciate it.

Don’t forget about the chili feed next week. And if you’re bored this weekend, check out the Fireball Spiel happening with some live video from the club on 11-25-11 (tonight) featuring HOGLINE brooms and a special west coast guest. I’ll be calling the play-by-play (poorly). Link to it here: or check it out embedded in the post after this.

See ya.


  1. McLaughlin and Jansen will be playing a rescheduled match at a time TBD.

  2. Dan Beranek says:

    Beranek was victorious, not Lichty. Lichty were gentlemen though – much better *people* than their opponents. There’s pride in that.

  3. Dan Beranek says:

    Shady? Really?

  4. Dan Beranek says:

    For purposes of the official schedule and record keeping, please consider the Beranek – lichty match a “friendly” – not intended to be a replacement game for our match later in the season.

    Apologies for the confusion.

  5. Ryan Claussen says:

    The Rohde-Stanek match is rescheduled for Dec 28.