Week 8 Match Ups

Dudes, sorry…

What happened to the week? These predictions are late in coming but here nonetheless. Brace yourselves for some fine chili this evening and some even finer curling. The match ups are as follows:

McLaughlin – Sonnabend: My new theory is the Sonnabend started rotating the lineup just to throw off my predictions. They are now on probation. Either they start following my picks or i start making things very difficult for them. This week McLaughlin, who are always in good spirits, will have their work cut out for them. I suggest they buy an extra pitcher during chili to try to suppress the Sonnabend no-good-nicks.

Boomer – Rohde: Reports from the Boomer camp state that they took last week’s 7th end ‘giner very seriously. They canceled their personal Thanksgivings and hit the weight room. Sadly, they will come up a bit short again tonight as Rohde continues their bright start to the season.

Lawrence – Dveris: Lawrence is another rink that refuses to fall in line, but they’ve all been sent a clear message this week. Win or else. Dveris has missed a few matches and while they have won a few, they are falling behind in the experience category. They will start strong, but a big 6th end will swing things in Lawrence‘s favor.

Jansen – Gabrio: Holiday obligations kept Jansen off the ice last week while Gabrio sharpened their skills. These are both teams that I like to see win, but a decision must be made. I’m giving the edge to Gabrio with a 50% chance of extra ends.

Beranek – Anderson: Sheet 5 again will feature a great match.  Two top ranked teams with varying styles come together this week on center ice. Beranek will be looking sharp as always, but don’t let the jeans on the Anderson side fool you. These guys mean business. Nobody here gets a big end this week so the winner will have to grind it out. Beranek gets extra credit for winning the charity match last week and it will be enough to give them the advantage this week assuming all tactics are above board.

McGovern – Hoven: I almost did the unthinkable last week and picked against McGovern but luckily, Boomer brought their more feminine side to play and we were victorious. Can we turn this into a streak? Not if Hoven has anything to say about it. They have performed well this year, so we’ll do what we can to make it happen this week. It will go the full 8, but deft draws by McGovern will snare the prize.

Lichty – Dubois: What can I say, all of these guys are class acts all the way. Dubois is hanging well with the league leaders and will try to pull away with a win tonight. Lichty is coming off of a holiday charity match that really turned out to be a real heart warmer for everyone in the room last week, and much to their own demise. Dubois‘ warm pot of chili will disarm Lichty and end the match before it even starts.

Lockwood – McLellan: Thankfully, the Lockwood fellas will have a wall to lean against and ample benches to sit on, and they’re going to need it. Inexplicable conditions on sheet 8 will lead to both teams having to sweep more than they have in years. McLellan will use their youth to their advantage, which will work in the short term, but Lockwood‘s conservation strategies will save the best for last and land them a victory.


So, better late than never. Hope to see you all early and plan for snow on your way home.



  1. I’ll be eating the same chili as the McLaughlin Rink but the important question to ask is if they are familiar with iocane powder…

    Also, I intend to sample all the chili… the rink with the best/worst chili will recieve the “Sean walks to your rink and breaks wind every five minutes” award.

    See you tonight!