Week 8 Results

Great effort on the chili feed everyone. And nice job cleaning up. I think we’ll be allowed to do it again next year. By all accounts it was quite a spread. We also played some curling matches and here are the results:

McLaughlin – Sonnabend*
Boomer – Rohde*
Lawrence – Dveris
Jansen – Gabrio
Beranek – Anderson *
McGovern – Hoven *
Lichty – Dubois*
Lockwood – McLellan *

Daaaaaam. I got 6 right, I guess all it takes are some threatening emails and subtle hand gestures to make people perform. I also totally called the snow on your way home. Is this guy for real?

I’m on the road next week (hangin with the fine folks over at the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club), so if someone wouldn’t mind snapping a picture of the league results sheet on their way out I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone is interested in writing the predictions, I would happily allow a guest poster.

Later nerds.