Week 9 Match Ups

Hey League,

I’m late on the picks again, sorry, I’m out of town, but I’ll be with you in spirit. I’m visiting the SF Bay Area Curling Club tonight so I’ll be thinking of you.

I’ll make these brief, here are the matches tonight.

Jansen – Hoven: This should be  a good match, both teams have similar records this season. Hoven proved last week that they can have some big ends so Jansen, who has a longer team history, will need to be vigilant. Big ends for both sides will make things exciting. Hoven wins by one.

Beranek – Stanek: Beranek will show up early to set the tone for the night with proper stretching and casual banter. Stanek will bound in with only minutes to spare but they’ll get down to business quickly. Expect to measure a few stones tonight as Beranek takes the win.

Sonnabend – McGovern: This one is easy. I’m out of town, so any sub will do better than me in the #2 spot. Sonnabend will show pity early, but this will backfire into a devastating win for McGovern who may have some new threads tonight.

Anderson – Lichty: Superior equipment on both sides will lead to severe deadlock ending with an unprecedented 3 blanked ends. Strategy will be of the utmost importance in this one. Look for tons of defense and a low final score with Anderson eeking one out.

Boomer – McLaughlin: The curse of the ‘giner continues this week for Boomer expressing itself via inverse relation. Accidental hack weight will cause minor hazards during this Boomer sling-fest. If McLaughlin can keep their cool, and remain consistent, they’ll take the cake.

Rohde – Dubois: Solid teamwork and storied traditions exemplify both rinks. Extra ends are guaranteed this evening. This will be a battle of the skips with the outcome of most ends being heavily hammer dependent. Whichever captain can keep it together will prevail. That’s my way of saying stuff without saying anything, Dubois wins.

Lawrence – McLellen: This one will be a crime scene. Lawrence needs something to cling to so all their efforts are going into this match. McLellan’s best tactic will be to plant seeds of doubt early and nurture that doubt with passing false modesty. That tactic is difficult to do however and Lawrence will emerge victorious.

Dveris – Arndt: While they have missed some matches, Dveris is ready to win big tonight. Arndt is also looking to move up, but when Dveris is hot, they’re hot.

If someone would please send me the results I’d be appreciative. I’ll report back from the Bay Area Club when I can.

Good Curling