Week Eight Wrap-Up

Anderson faces defeat

Winners this week include (* indicates my picks):

  • Boomer*
  • Arndt
  • Wangensteen*
  • Kruse*
  • Lockwood*
  • Jansen
  • Sonnabend*
  • Rohde*

A new record for me, I got six picks right.  The sheet was poorly marked when I left so a few of these might not be right, but I think I’m close.  Let me know if I’m way off on any of these.

The biggest news of the week is the increasing number of 4:3 rinks, it’s a seven way tie for fourth place!  This league is really close and I think we’re going to have a lot of exciting games as the season progresses.

On a personal note, it is great to hear feedback from everyone at the club, traffic is way up on the site and I think a lot of you are enjoying the information you get here.  Thanks for stopping.  A few of you have mentioned your interest in adding content to the site in the form of stories around the league, bonspiel folklore, or hard edge commentary.  All are welcome, if you have an idea, send it to me through the contact page and we’ll get it posted.  Pictures are always welcome too so feel free to send anything you think might interest the league.

Good Curling


  1. Sonnabend says:

    Nice job on the picks for this week Ole, even calling the upsets. If you weren’t so loyal to that McGovern rink you might have gone 7 for 8.