Week Nine Wrap-Up

Lots of close games this week as everyone seems to be improving their consistency. I’m never happy to see anyone lose, but I can’t believe that I got the upset of the week correct. All of the results have been reported – yay crowdsourcing!

Congratulations to this weeks winners (* indicates the picks I got right):

  • Arndt
  • Lockwood*
  • Lawrence*
  • Stanek*
  • Lichty
  • Kruse*
  • Anderson
  • Beranek*

It looks like I did OK on the picks, 5 for 8 is pretty good considering I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

Some inquiries concerning second half scheduling last night led us to believe that it was still a well guarded secret, but no, they have posted it online at the club website click here to see your future.

It looks like a few teams have three byes for the year, Sonnabend, Lockwood, Wangensteen and Arndt.  Sean pointed out that there is one team they play twice and another that they don’t play at all.  Maybe we can make an official comment to the schedule makers.  It would be nice if we could get it down to just two byes per team.   One last note, Jansen and Baranek get the holiday byes, so those two teams won’t be playing on Dec 22.  Everyone else is on the schedule.

Anyway, another great week.  I know a lot of your lives depend on me keeping this site up with fresh content, but I’ll be out of town all next week, so if I could get some volunteers to send me the scores, take some video, or write a guest post please get in touch with me.  I’d really appreciate the help.  Maybe we can get Sean to do the picks.

Good Curling


  1. Hey Ole,
    This is Tom licktieg, Lockwood skip, checking in on the Wed outcome against Boomer. We took the game. Thanks!!

  2. Bob Lawrence says:

    I thought your upset pick of the week was nothing short of brilliant. Good call.

  3. Thanks for the update Tom and Ryan; and Bob – with praise like that, you are welcome here any time.

  4. Ryan McLaughlin says:

    Kruse won over Erickson last night. Thanks! And also, noticed on the SPCC 2nd have schedule, our name was changed to Dawson. Someone on our team last year, we hope to fix that, but do whatever you need to do.

  5. Sonnabend says:

    That Lawrence Rink is a bunch of cheating son-of-a-guns! I didn’t get it on video but I know they were applying lubricant to the bottom of my rocks so that I would miss, I want them thrown out of the league and replaced with a Rink that can’t beat us!

    Ok, good call Ole. You saw it coming. I like to think it was a closer match than the score board indicated but a loss is a loss. Bob, Jim, John and Steve played very well and if you have to lose they are a good group to lose to.

    Ole, tell me how to post and I’ll take care of the picks for next week 🙂
    Also, I’m pretty sure that Beranek won their game.

    Wangensteen is the other 3-bye team. I don’t understand why 4 teams end up with 3 byes and why Sonnabend plays Dveris twice but doesn’t play Arndt.

    • Bob Lawrence says:

      It WAS actaully closer than the score indicated. I really didn’t think you saw the lube application however. Glad there is no video.